Extensible business reporting language adalah legal center

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eXtensible Business Reporting Language - XBRL

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eXtensible Business Reporting Language - XBRL

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XBRL - eXtensible Business Reporting Language XBRL is an Internet language for business reporting, makes it easier for users to extract and analyze information contained in annual reports, press releases, & other communications by directing that information into the many analytical tools they use.

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Bisa drag & drop image, pewarnaan, pemilihan font, ukuran font. dan semua proses ini tersimpan di database dan dapat di update kapan saja. EXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is a global data standard used for reporting business information in a computer-readable format. The standardization of business reporting information eliminates the costs associated with manually processing this data or using proprietary products that lock data in incompatible formats.

Extensible business reporting language adalah legal center
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