Final exam study questions

What is the best predictor of the spread of and the success of any particular protest tactics in the civil rights movement.

5th – The Cay Final Exam Study Questions

What are two disadvantages. Illustrate the role of this re-framing process in a specific case study and evaluate its importance for the eventual outcome of the conflict. Analyze its impact on relevant targets. What events in the origins of the feminist movement point towards more cultural framing factors as important.

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of lawsuits as an effective protest tactic. What is the problem with individual discontent as an explanation for the rise of social movements. For each, what larger social forces outside their immediate control have had the most impact on their relative position in American society.

Why might cultural changes be more important for the origins of a feminist movement than for, say, the origins of the civil rights movement. How did the "indigenous organizational strength" of the civil rights movement change prior to the s so that a successful social movement was more likely.

I underestimated its importance. If I had started studying earlier and done it more gradually leading up to the exam, I think I could have avoided a lot of the confusion that likely cost me a lot of points on an already challenging exam.

Why should rational calculation lead most people to be "free riders". Consider its impacts on movement participants and on opponents. I would say the area I felt least prepared for was the calculation questions.

Final exam study questions

Give an example of each from four different social movements. Why is "petitioning" by itself rarely a successful protest tactic. They took a boat, the S. Understand the why behind the correct answers for each question PART 3: Even with plenty of studying, I found it much more difficult than it should have been.

Consider any three groups we have discussed thus far: December 14, Explain how the "repertoire of contention" varies with the "cycle of protest". Specifically, I could have prepared much better for the exam by practicing more calculation type questions, reasoning through the quiz questions more thoroughly, and writing out how to make the assigned parts on my own.

The multiple choice questions that prompted us to select all answers that apply are unfair because they can easily be missed even though we understood the topic.

It was a different format than most other tests at UF, but it was different in a good way, and identical to the format explained in the study guide. Finally, evaluate the macro-level evidence regarding the macro level explanation.

What is the evidence that allies made the difference. What aspects the education are the most important for understanding inequality. Describe three aspects of such "abeyance" organizations with specific examples from the National Women's Party of the mid-twentieth century.

I should have spent more time understanding the calcs and the DFM rules instead of just thinking I could remember the ones on the example drawings. Why bother with petitioning at all i. What did Timothy build. Why might cultural changes be more important for the origins of a feminist movement than for, say, the origins of the civil rights movement.

What factors have changed since the s that might help account for that decline. Select at least three distinct trends that you feel are important to describe what has been happening in American stratification.

Then, describe at least two intervening process that are plausible explanations of why that cause has an effect on that consequence.

Final exam study questions

Phillip put pebbles in the can — it had been ten days. Why do Phillip and his mother end up in the water. In what sense are they not really a tactic.

Describe three factors that predict which individuals are most likely to join a particular social movement. What did Timothy make and do to try and attract the plane. That being said, it is not necessarily a bad format, since it reduces the chance of lucky guesses and requires that students are confident in their knowledge when taking the exam.

Short essay questions preliminary: Compared to other exams, this one was longer and more comprehensive, but I feel it did a good job covering the relevant information that we really need to know and use after taking this class.

Final exam study questions (version: December 14, ) One essay and eight short essay questions will be randomly selected from the following questions.

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Sample Final Exam Questions (calculators will NOT be allowed on our exam, “null path length” and Splay trees will not be on our exam) Solution to Sample Final Exam Questions Links to previous exams (copied from the Midterm 1 and Midterm 2 pages).

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Final exam study questions
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Final exam study questions