Work life balance a comparative study

In addition, DeVault identified language barriers and argues that women find it more difficult to speak about themselves, and have more difficulties expressing themselves than men. Employment rate Figure 4. Division of part- and full-time Figure 4.

In terms of maternity, professional women and superiors should build a positive working relationship and plan the return to work in advance.

I have been brought up on the mantra that we women can have it all: By the beginning of the twenty-first century a major change in European society had taken place LandGatrellwhere due to anti- discrimination laws, increasing numbers of women entered Universities Figure 2.

However is alarming that approx. Others argue that it is not guaranteed that family-friendly policies will work effectively. Additionally, interactions between the company and private environment will be considered in order to explore if there is a connection between work-life balance and working performance.

Whatever the barriers are, it is a fact that there are fewer women in top positions than men CabreraGatrell Therefore, a career consists of different stages, and varies in work and family demands Higgins et al.

Moreover, it is asserted that the implementation of a family-friendly culture is crucial to achieve business success Jones et al. In Britain for example, only forty per cent of all women are the main earners in the household.

The European Commission pronounced the Scandinavian model as the ideal family model, whereby all adults work throughout life with a brief childbearing interruption and childcare is mainly undertaken by the public sector Houston On the other hand, Lorde argued that differences between women do not exist, even if there are difference in terms of ethnicity, colour, age and class.

Work-life programmes support women to be productive employees.


Some countries such as Denmark are considered as pioneers of family-friendly policies. Hence, people have different needs and their requirements will change over time BailynWinn Additionally, people may be involved outside their work and family roles such as community roles Jones et al.

Researchers argue that company policies and cultural changes can help to reduce work-life conflicts. Moreover, women reach a greater balance, when they have more hours of paid work, even if they have less leisure time, but they feel free of financial burdens Marks et al.

The major dimensions which have been used to measure Work Life Balance WLB are namely- gender bias, demographic structures of families of employees, level of hierarchy in the organisation and family and societal commitments of the employees.

Researchers identified the new trend that young fathers want to take paternity leave HolterJohansson and Klinth Others argue that it is not guaranteed that family-friendly policies will work effectively. Hansen found that causes for work-life conflicts are multiple roles and value discrepancies, with the former being the most documented case of pressure.

In order to have this, measurement of achievement, success and failure is of particular importance Tom In general, there are concerns about the procedure of creating knowledge. Research indicates that on average, women perform 60 per cent of the household labour HakimLee Literature Review The purpose of this chapter is to evaluate the existing literature on work-life balance with the focus on women in senior management positions.


Hence, women often face unfair treatment in their paid work, but professional women demonstrate a strong career orientation Gatrell However, it is argued that this policy fosters women to stay at home with their children over a longer period of time instead of encouraging paid participation Edlund Thus, employees who experience high work- life balance are those who exhibit similar investment of time and commitment, to work and non-work domains.

Even if there is a different set of responsibilities and activities along the gender line Bailynwomen still perform the major part of unpaid care work Lewis The literature reinforces the view that work-family conflicts increase when women become mothers.

Reasons for coming back Figure 4. This chapter first provides a justification for the choice of this research topic, followed by an overview of the research aim and objectives.

Work-life balance is not only a central issue for individuals, but also for companies and policy makers. Then, the research strategy and the research process will be presented. A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF WORK LIFE BALANCE IN VARIOUS INDUSTRIAL SECTORS IN PUNE REGION MANISHA PUROHIT ASSISTANT PROFESSOR GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOOL & RESEARCH CENTRE DR.

D.Y. PATIL VIDYAPEETH,PUNE _____ ABSTRACT Work–life balance is a concept including proper prioritizing between "workaholics" (career and. A COMPARATIVE STUDY ON “WORK LIFE BALANCE AMONG NURSES’ WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE HOSPITALS IN TIRUNELVELI DISTRICT sgtraslochi.comshwari Shobana1, sgtraslochi.com2 1Assistant Professor, Dept of Management Studies, sgtraslochi.comamy Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology.

and 53% are struggling to achieve work-life balance. Women comparative study to ascertain whether women in different dept.–Medical, surgery, OP and in balancing their work life. IX. SCOPE FOR FUTURE RESEARCH This type of study could be undertaken among both government and private hospital of different certain common departments like.

This study was conducted in the Western and Midwestern United States at mid-scale hotels with no food and beverage services regarding hotel employee satisfaction of work and home-life balance.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors influencing employee perceptions of work and home-life balance, and to determine whether the regional locations of the work influence those perceptions. Work Life Balance and Job Satisfaction among the Working Women of Banking and Education Sector ± A Comparative Study Rajesh K.

Yadav*, Nishant Dabhade**. ABSTRACT TITLE: Work-life balance: A comparative study of South-East Asian Countries Work-life balance is a concept that has demanded attention for several years.

Work life balance a comparative study
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